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All Natural Mineral Body Wraps
Body systems function best in an environment that is neutral to slightly alkaline on the pH scale. Most typical diets don't have enough alkaline (anti-aging) foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain inorganic alkaline minerals. Due to our lifestyles, diets, inadequate rest and water consumption, smoking, and pollution, our body often cannot eliminate the acidic waste it produces. This long-term buildup of left over waste products, creates a toxic environment at the cellular level and contributes to the process of aging.


Infinity Wrap

Infinity is a slimming, anti-aging mineral formula and the foundation for each of our body wraps.
Helping the body eliminate waste is a key art of the anti-aging process. Alkaline minerals in this Infinity blend such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium help correct the acid-alkaline imbalance of the body.
 This wrap shows visible temporary inch-loss with astounding detoxification from even your first wrap.
 Serenity Wrap
This body wrap is a mixture of the Infinity minerals with the addition of soothing MSM.
MSM is a natural form of organic compound that is found in the fluid of all living organisms. When MSM is embedded in your cell membranes, it keeps that structure flexible and prevents it from becoming hard and dry. This allows nutrients to be absorbed into the cells and waste to exit, which could otherwise cause inflammation.
Along with visible temporary inch-loss, this wrap leaves you feeling rejuvenated and smooths the skin's appearance to a silky finish


Vitality Wrap

 Vitality combines the virtues of Infinity with the added power of Hydrophilic minerals.
Hydrophilic Minerals consist of macro-molecular organic matter that is from 200 - 2000 times smaller than metallic minerals, which are those found in most widely-available mineral supplements. The body can assimilate only about 8% of these minerals, yet it can assimilate almost 100% of hydrophilic minerals, and their microscopic size permits them to be absorbed directly through the skin.
You will experience some temporary inch-loss, while feeling invigorated and energized.